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Jiuzhou Optoelectronics, GE Lighting etc. Won Global SSL Showcase Top100 in 2013

The winners of Global SSL Showcase Top100 in 2013 were released on the ISA General Assembly 2013. SSL Showcase projects applications submitted by Jiuzhou Optoelectronics, GE Lighting, and City of Los Angele Bureau of Street Lightingetc. were successfully selected as the winners of this year.



The winners are:

Ø  The first massive application of LEDs in airport lighting: the Chengdu Shuangliu International airport terminal 2 LED lighting project

(Jiuzhou Optoelectronics)

Ø  City of Sydney LED Street light Retrofit Project

(GE Lighting)

Ø  Sepulveda Tunnel under LAX Street Lighting Conversion Project

(City of Los Angeles / Bureau of Street Lighting)

Ø  The integrated LED energy-saving lighting project in Metro Line 2 in Shenzhen

(Sansi Electronic Engineering)

Ø  Intelligent LED lighting system applied in intensive broiler breeding

(Langtuo Biotechnology etc.)

Ø  Shanghai Yuexing Global Harbor LED Lighting Project

(Cree Shanghai Opto Development Limited, etc.)


The year 2013 is the second year of Global SSL Showcase Top100. More and more different typesof SSL lighting projects with great lighting design and application have emerged in entries, suchas airport lighting, subway lighting, sports center lighting, parking lot lighting, smart lightingcontrol system, outdoor LED screens, exhibition lighting etc. These excellent projects reflect thedepth and scope of SSL products and technologies, as well as the close connections to peoples’lives; it also fully demonstrates that SSL products and solutions are constantly winning the trustand appreciation from consumers.


After the evaluation of independent jury panel comprised of global renownedexperts, , there are 6 projects has won the Global SSLShowcase TOP100 in 2013



The winner benefits of this award include:

Ø  Unique numbered award plate signed by ISA President;

Ø   Awards  audience covers 70% of global SSL industry output;

Ø  Award winners demonstrated on international and domestic SSL exhibitions, meetings etc;

Ø  Awards  audience covers government departments, procurement tenders sectors, relevant UN organizations, the international mainstream investment and advisory bodies, etc.;

Ø  Brochures introducing winners published globally in English and Chinese;

Ø  Winners permanently displayed on ISA official website ;

Ø  Comprehensive, systematic introduction of winners on ISA Annual Report;

Ø  Winners introduction on domestic and international professional magazines, websites and other professional medias;

Ø  Award information permanently kept by ISA ,and  provide free   validation services

Global SSL Showcase Top100 aims to promote the sustainable developmentof Global Solid State lighting (SSL) industry,demonstrate the R&D achievements, theapplication of technology innovation, as wellas the comprehensive results of best design,reliable products and best installation, toincrease the influence and visibility of SSLproducts and public awareness.Global SSL Showcase Top 100 will continueidentifying a certain number of influentialSSL showcases every year according to theapplications.

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