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2013 ISA BRICS SSL Cooperation Working Meeting Successfully held from Nov. 11-13th in Beijing

There has been a growing need among BRICS countries on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) on SSL development, to empower the solid state lighting transformation for higher energy efficiency & sustainable local industry growth. Driven by these shared demands and interests, in November 11-13 2013, continuing from the ISA 2012 BRICS E3 Summit, BRICS representative has reconvened in Beijing to participate the 2013 ISA BRICS SSL Cooperation Working Meeting.

Eleven representatives from BRICS countries, and around 80 audiences were present in the morning open session on Nov. 12th.

The attendance from BRICS countries include:

 Mr. Georges Blum, the president of Abilumi (Brazilian Lighting Products Importers Association);

Prof. Igor Melnikov, representative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia; Mr. Evgeny Dolin, General Director of LEDs and LED-based Systems Russian Manufacturer's Nonprofit partnership (NPRPSS);

 Mr. A.K. Jain, the General Secretary of ISLE (Indian Society of Lighting Engineers) and former special Director General of Central Public Works Department of India; Mr. Shyam Sujan, Secretary General of ELCOMA (Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers Association of India);

Ms. Rongfang Wang, Director of MOST and Country Coordinator of BRICS STI WG from China; Ms. Ling Wu the Secretary General of China Solid State Lighting Alliance and president of ISA;

 Dr. Cordellia Sita, Chief Director of Hydrogen and Energy, Department of Science and Technology, South Africa; Mr. Robert Henderson, Vice President of IESSA (Illuminating Engineers Society of South Africa); Professor Thembela Hillie, Principal Investigator of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa; Mr Barry Bredenkamp, senior manager of SANEDI (South African National Energy Development Institute).

ISA Director Fred Quan, Warren Julian, ISA Advisor Mr. George Craford, Prof. Guoqi Zhang, Prof. Istvan Barsony, Prof. Robert Karlicek, ISA Secretary General Mr. Ruisheng Yue and Executive Secretary Yuan Fu also participated the meeting. The meeting was moderated by Mr. Ruisheng Yue.

The most recent updates on BRICS countries strategies and industry development on LED were exchanged in the keynote speeches. As it’s been established in many emerging economies, Science Technology Innovation (STI) has been taking the pivotal role on spearheading the S&T development and open innovation on LED technology, addressing the issues & grand challenges related to the common core technological barriers shared by BRICS countries. Mr. Donald Sun, product marketing manager of APT Electronics, introduced global trends and products services for packaging. Mr. David Xiao, the CEO of APT commented on the international cooperation business models and future perspectives. Dr. Cadmus Yuan from China SSL State Key lab later on introduced the recent development of CSA020, Accelerated Lumen Depreciation Test Method for LED Lighting Products, which was keenly commented and embraced by BRICS experts.

In the afternoon closed session, BRICS representatives exchanged their views and suggestions on the BRICS STI Partnership and industry level collaboration, followed by discussion and reaching consent on the proposed Concept Paper for BRICS Solid State Lighting Joint Collaboration Working Group (SSL-WG), which to be presented to the BRICS SOM3 in December in New Delhi, India. It was commonly agreed that SSL STI Partnership was an essential step for SSL technology and industry development in BRICS countries. Given that each BRICS countries had their own unique strengths and potential challenges based on their diversified STI infrastructure and SSL industry landscape, a flexible and ad-hoc approach would be especially meaningful building upon a universal thematic working group.

From industry perspective, ISA, together with industry organization partners from BRICS countries would provide full support to the collaboration items suggested in the concept paper, facilitating the inter-governmental approaches for BRICS Science Technology Innovation Advancement.


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