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Global SSL International Industry Trends and Market Training in TUD (2012 April Netherlands)

In the morning of April 19th, 2012, the Chinese Delegation of SSLIndustry on Study Tour and Training in Europe joined the Global SSL International Industry Trends and Market Training, held in Technical University of Delft, co- hosted by ISA and TUD DIMES Center. Mr. Rob Fasteneau, the Dean of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences addressed the Chinese delegation, stating that it’s an important event to have Chinese CEOs from SSL industry to join the training in Delft, which will further usher in more cooperative efforts from both sides to enhance the partnership. Ms. Wu Ling, the President of ISA, also addressed the delegation, stressing on the importance of open innovation and learning from advanced regions such as the Netherlands on SSL industry development. Director of DIMES center Professor Guoqi Zhang presented the frst lecture afterwards, entitled “Global SSL Industry and Business Trends and Developments”, covering broad spectrum of SSL developments, including SSL research agenda, global challenges and opportunities, beyond lighting applications, as well as the freedom of light enabled by SSL, which is also critical for lighting paradigm shift from conventional lighting to SSL.

Following Professor Zhang’s comprehensive overview of global SSL development, the leading researchers and post-docs from DIMES center introduced their research portfolio briefly, covering topics from complex system integration, 3D packaging and wafer level packaging, SSL reliability and heat management etc., followed by an interactive discussion and networking coffee break. During the break, PhD students from TUD and researchers exchanges bright ideas and research topics, as well as the brainstorming on various challenging issues on generic technology research breakthroughs and solutions. Among which, the newly established China SSL State Key Laboratory (ICS) was the hot topic. The unique research portfolios and open innovation framework from ICS have shown strong attractiveness for many researchers and students.

After the break, Representative from VSL (National Metrology Institute) in Netherlands introduced the SSL Testing and Standardization service landscape from VSL, including the IEA-4E core labs system. VSL provide an important entry point for testing of SSL products from China, with value-added consulting services opportunities. Chinese delegation has shown strong interest on the service items delivered by VSL. Eventually, Metatronics from Netherlands demonstrated their design frontiers on SSL luminaires and lighting solutions. Among various products, a LED table lamp with full featuring touch-panel was demonstrated to the audience. The LED Touch Lamp operates like  ipad with  light, where users can use  their  fingers  to  touch or  “dance” around on  the backside of  the  lamp, simultaneously changing the light path and light pattern on the table, like dancing of the light. The products have drawn a big crowd after the seminar for tests and plays.

The seminar came to the conclusion with the summary by Mr. Ruisheng Yue, the secretary general of ISA, thanking the tremendous efforts from TUD, especially from Professor Guoqi Zhang’s research team in DIMES Center, without whom the successful implementation of the training would not be possible. Mr. Yue also encouraged Chinese delegation members to continue their brainstorming or cooperation discussion in the following days for more fruitful results.

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