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Announcement of ISA-PLDA Partner Organization Agreement

We are pleased to announce that International Solid State Lighting Alliance (hereafter “ISA”) has signed a Partner Organization Agreement with Professional Lighting Designers Association (hereafter “PLDA”) on April 28th, in Beijing, China.

Based on the agreement, ISA and PLDA will jointly, proactively and creatively cooperate in solid state lighting (LED lighting) related fields to promote cross-talk between the SSL industry and professional lighting designers across the globe, to ease the existing barriers or bottlenecks on facilitating the adoption of LED general lighting technology and solutions and to empower the lighting designers on recognition and awareness on LED features and freedom of design. Meanwhile, the concerns and the “wish list” on LED products and systems from the professional lighting community will be conveyed through the SSL industry network, helping LED manufacturers and suppliers to better optimize their services to match up with designers’ requirements.

With the fast and manifold popularization of LED general lighting products and solutions, there have been various milestone lighting projects in the world from land-mark buildings to historical heritage sites, with successful lighting environment rendition and new innovative designs enabled by LED features. From municipal lighting to commercial lighting and eventually to the general consumer-level adoption, more and more core stakeholders have progressively joined the collaborative efforts to reduce the total ownership cost of lighting, to save tremendous amount of energy and cut GHG emissions through LED retro-fit or new installation campaigns. Lighting designers zero gap dialogue and understanding with LED community has become the quintessential influence and critical step to better embed the LED lighting in their designs and disseminate the successful adoption models to their fellow designers. The partnership between ISA and PLDA will for sure create an effective channel to bridging the gap and usher in a manifold collaboration approach to serve this end.

About ISA

ISA is an international not-for-profit NGO, registered in Hong Kong, aiming to promote the sustainable development and application of Solid State Lighting (SSL) worldwide. ISA currently has 68 members with more than 4,000 associated members, representing 70% of the output of global SSL industry. ISA members consist of almost all the major players of the global SSL community, including leading industry, academic and application entities. ISA Working Group Six – LED Lighting Designs & Applications is the major program platform to facilitate the dialogues between SSL industry and the professional lighting counterparts.

About PLDA

The Professional Lighting Designers' Association PLDA is a voluntary federation of lighting designers and lighting consultants who are active on an international scale, their purpose being to increase the reputation of the profession and to establish the profession as such in its own right. Membership is centered around the professional architectural lighting designer. PLDA aims to promote the importance of quality lighting for the human environment and of the Designer as its creator. PLDA sees the Association as a productive and creative link between lighting professionals worldwide. Together, practicing Designers can work towards the aim of increasing the awareness of quality lighting and continue to develop this through the active exchange of ideas and experience.

ISA Secretary General Mr. Ruisheng Yue and PLDA Managing Director Mr. Thomas Braedikow Signed the ISA-PLDA Partner Organization Agreement on April. 28th, in Beijing, China