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The 12th Meeting of ISA Technical Committee on Standardization (TCS12) held on Nov. 3 in Beijing, China

The 12th Meeting of ISA Technical Committee on Standardization (TCS12) was held on Nov. 3 at Hilton Beijing Capital Airport, in Beijing, China, with more than 30 experts attending.
Professor Warren Julian, member of ISA Council of Management, Emeritus Professor of University of Sydney, standing for Mr. Andreas Scholtz, the chairman of ISA TCS, who was not able to attend and chair this meeting, moderated this meeting. The president of CIE, Dr. Yoshi Ohno and professor Itsvan Barsony, member of ISA Board of Advisers also participated in the meeting.

Dr. He Yang, Executive Secretary of ISA, briefly introduced the ISA TCS works in 2016 and 2017.
1.    ISA TCS10 was held in Beijing, Nov. 17, 2016, with about 40 experts attending. In this meeting, two ISA recommendations released:
Recommendation 1:“LED Road Lighting Products in Cold Region Performance Requirements” (ISATCS-SN-90012016);
Recommendation 2: “Human Factor Testing on the Index of Healthy and Comfortable Lighting: Terms and Definitions” (ISATCS-SN-70012016).
2.    ISA TCS11 was held on May 17, 2017, in Cape Town, South Africa, with about 54 experts attending. In this meeting, one new proposal approved: “LED Lighting for Poultry Farm Application: Terms and Definitions”
Working Group (WG) 1, WG4, WG7, WG8 reported their working progress, and the 4 missing WGs’ reports were requested to be delivered in TCS12.
Mr. Sekwanele Kubeka, Senior Standards Developer, South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) presented a report of Lighting Standards Development in South Africa.
3.    The ISA TCS Working Group 4 (“Research on the Index of Healthy and Comfortable Lighting”) was invited to derive a presentation at the plenary of TCS274 5THConference at Delft of Netherland on June 8-9.
4.    ISO/TC 274 (in ISO-TC274 CAG _ N0094 _ ISOTC _ 274 _ Strategic _ Business _ Plan) listed International SSL Alliance (ISA) as one of the potential vertical strategic cooperation partners of ISO/TC 274 (Light and Lighting Technology Committee), with the same term of IEEE, IES and ASHRAE.

5.    ISA secretariat participated in CIE 2017 Midterm Meeting on 22th-26th Oct., 2017, in Jeju, Korea. And CIE Div2 members voted to building liaison relationship with ISA unanimously from different countries.

6.    Mr. Andreas Scholtz from OSRAM was approved as the new chairman of ISA TCS on the 9th ISA Executive Members Meeting on Oct. 31, 2017.

Dr. Cheng QIAN, China SSL Alliance Standardization Committee (CSAS), introduced the ISA TCS Release 1:
“Position Statement on LED Full Life Cycle Assessment”.


Four new proposals had been raised in this meeting, which were:
New Proposal 1: “Architecture of Smart Lighting and Connectivity”-- Dr. Feng HUANG, Philips lighting;


New Proposal 2: “Application Layer Communication Protocols for the Interface inIntelligent Public LED Lighting Systems” -- Mr. Hao XU, China SSL Alliance Standardization Committee (CSAS);

New Proposal 3: “General technical specification of LED lamps and lanterns for plant lighting” -- Dr. Qi WANG, Dongguan Institute of Optoelectronics (Peking University);


New Proposal 4: “NB-IoT-based street lighting systembackground, technology, and standardization” -- Mr. Mingwei XU, Fuzhou Internet of Things Open Lab.

Four WGs of ISA TCS made their working progress reports respectively, which were:
1.    “Human Factor Testing on the Index of Healthy and Comfortable Lighting - Test method and technical requirements based on physiological function of human eyes” -- Mr. Jianqi CAI, China National Institute of Standardization;

2.    “Interface requirements for application of LED lighting—Electronic control gear for LED modules for indoor lighting” -- Mr. George Mao, Upowertek;


3.    “Recommendation on the Color Shifting of LED Lighting Product” -- Dr. Jiajie Fan, Hohai University, China;

4.    “Research in LED Lighting for Poultry Farm Application” -- Prof. Jinming PAN, Zhejiang University, China


Professor Warren Julian, Dr. Yoshi Ohno, Professor Itsvan Barsony and other experts had a Q&A after each presentation.
The TCS12 meeting minutes would be drafted by the secretariat of TCS including the contents of the meeting and the related discussions. The minutes would be sent to the chairman of the TCS for his guidance and approval. All the follow-ups of this meeting and the arrangements of next meeting (TCS13) would be informed to the attendees and all the TCS members by the secretariat in due time. 

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