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LpS 2017 Announces the Final Program for TiL 2017 (26 - 28 September,Bregenz, Austria)

Trends in Lighting 公布了他们令人赞叹的 2017 年活动计划。
在现代化科技的推动下,设计师、建筑师、生产商以及咨询顾问等需要照明的用户在使用灯光照明时,已经拥有了几乎无尽的可能性。设计和规划 TiL 2017 就是为了搭建起一座桥梁,帮助照明用户跨越他们与照明技术之间的鸿沟。我们将令所有参与者体验到一种融入光线之中的感觉;我们希望人们能够认识到光的潜能,另外,我们也想和大家一起了解,照明是如何推动现在和未来的可持续性发展以及幸福生活的。活动总监Siegfried Luger这样说道。为了达成这个愿望,Til 2017 将汇聚全世界最优秀的建筑师、照明设计师、生产商以及顾问。在为期 3 天的活动中,您可以与他们一道来探索未来的照明技术。讲座将由照明技术领域最精英的人士主讲。欲知更多详情,请立即下载活动计划:TiL 2017 - 完整活动计划。

Are you Ready to Experience the Future of Lighting? 
Trends in Lighting announces their incredible 2017 event program.
The users of light; the designers, the architects, the manufacturers and the consultants have almost limitless possibilities when working with light due to the power of modern technology. TiL 2017 has been designed and curated to help bridge the gap between the users of light and the technology that powers it. “We will give every attendee an immersive experience into light; we want people to recognize the potential of light, and together we want to explore light to contribute to sustainability and well-being, now and in the future”. Siegfried Luger, Event Director. In order to do this, TiL 2017 will bring together the very best architects, lighting designers, manufacturers and consultants from around the world. You can join them for 3 days to explore the lighting technologies of tomorrow. The lectures will be delivered by the best intellects in lighting technologies. For more information please download your copy of the program today: TiL 2017 – Full Event Program.


LpS Event Program

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