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North Delhi to Install 2 Lakh LED Street Lights

A new wave of LED street lights installation has started across India. According to local media, North Delhi Municipal Corporation has decided to replace over two lakh (200,000) traditional streetlights with LED lighting across its six zones. There are around 250,000 streetlights in these areas, including park lights and semi High-mast lighting.

his is one of the largest street lighting replacement schemes in India. Starting from 2016, South Corporation has already replaced about a similar number of street lights across south Delhi.
Currently, the corporation has to pay a whopping INR 45 million (around USD 676,000) per month on energy bills. In addition, traditional light bulbs contribute to a large carbon footprint, which is a major obstacle to the country’s effort toward a cleaner environment. Study shows that LED lighting can bring about 64.44% savings in energy consumption.
According to local officials, the corporation does not have to make any initial investment as it has signed a deal with a private company for the program. The firm will take 79% of the total money saved on energy cost, while the corporation will take the rest 21%.

Under the agreement, the firm will do all the maintenance work for seven years and cover all related costs, officials said.
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(News resource from:LEDINSIDE)