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Award ceremony for the Award of Outstanding Achievements for Global SSL Development 2016

The results of Award of Outstanding Achievement for Global SSL Development (AOA)2016 was announced on Nov. 15 during ISA 2016 General Assembly at Beijing International Conference Center, in Beijing, China.

The award ceremony of AOA was held on the afternoon of Nov. 15 during the opening session of 13th China International Forum on Solid State Lighting (SSLCHINA 2016). Prof. Warren Julian, member of Council of Management, emeritus professor of University of Sydney, introduced the two laureates of this award.

The first laureate is prof. Russell Dean Dupuis, and he is a professor of Georgia Institute of Technology, and was elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering in 1988.

Prof. Warren Julian introduced the reason for awarding mentioned that Prof. Russell Dupuis was the FIRST to demonstrate the growth of high-quality III-V compound semiconductor materials and devices grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). Today, virtually all of the worlds’ III-V high-performance light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are grown by MOCVD and virtually all use MQW active regions of one design or another.
The judges of the Jury Panel considered that
1. Prof. Dupuis was the first to prove the feasibility of Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition for the manufacturing of III-V. compounds of high enough quality for various light emitting devices. While with Rockwell and Bell Labs in the seventies he pioneered this method, the first vacuum technology different from Liquid Phase Epitaxy in the large scale fabrication of heterojunction and quantum well structures. He performed all the work by himself from equipment design via processing to device fabrication. His achievements are fundamental in the production of today’s SSL devices, and as such absolutely deserve the acknowledgment by the AOA award.
2. High quality III-V semiconductors and MOCVD
 A technology that underpins and enables the advances in widespread use of LEDs. Proven, and with global extent, this is an outstanding achievement in SSL development which impact we can experience every day.
3. Pioneer of MOCVD application for LED

Dr. Jianlin CAO, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, handed over the award medals and certificates to Prof. Russell Dupuis.

Prof. Russell Dupuis gave his award acceptance speech impromptu.

He said, firstly he would like to thank ISA and the award committee for giving him this high honor, and madam Wu ling, particularly for her leading this proposition and making it a success.

The lighting industry has changed dramatically in last 15 years. Developing SSL has been challenged but it had been met with innovative ideas.

And he wanted to point out that SSL of course had many contributors to this technology till today. He would like to point out two particularly. One was his PhD. advisor, Prof. Nick Holonyak Jr., who was the first person to develop compound semiconductor alloys in two areas, all of which were the basis for the LEDs today and he also developed the first quantum laser diodes which were operated at low temperature, but they were innovative devices at that time. He mentioned the second person was Dr. Humer Nastin, who developed MOCVD for the first time in 1967. So this technology went back many many years to 1962 and 1967, and contributions by many many people. Since then it was very honored for him to receive this award, because of many important people who had never received this award before him. (According to his speaking recording data)


The second laureate is prof. Harald Haas, and he is a professor of University of Edinburgh, and is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of pureLiFi Ltd as well as the Director of the LiFi Research and Development Center at the University of Edinburgh.

Prof. Warren Julian introduced the reason for awarding mentioned that Prof. Harald Haas had the rare honour to receive two invitations to the TED Global stage. In 2011, he first demonstrated LiFi technology at TED Global and is since recognized as the father of LiFi. He gave a second TED Global lecture in 2015 on the use of solar cells as LiFi data detectors and energy harvesters. 
The judges of the Jury Panel considered that
1. Prof. Haas as a specialist in wireless data transmission announced in 2015 “Forget Wi-Fi. Meet the new Li-Fi Internet”. Thus he not only pioneered the novel concept of communication by lighting devices, but also publicized the technology earning him the recognition as the “father of LiFi”. The technique based upon SSL devices is penetrating the market of indoor ICT and certainly will have a great future in the era of Internet of Things. This is a considerable contribution to diversify the applications of SSL technology and open up new markets His scientific-technical achievement certainly deserves to be awarded.
2. Promotor of LiFi technology.
3. Developer of Li-Fi

Prof. Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2014, handed over the award medals and certificates to Prof. Harald Haas.

He said, it was a great honor to receive this award in China.
He had spent a 15-years journey on developing Li-Fi. There were a lot of contributors to that journey that he would like to thank, particularly his colleagues at Pure Li-Fi company that commercialize Li-Fi, his PhD and post-doctor students, for making that success who was working with him on that journey.
He thought that Li-Fi had come to a very mature state, which people can see now commercialized worldwide. He said that he was also very glad to see that with Li-Fi two industries can get much closer to each other, the wireless industry and the lighting industry. And it was a great opportunity for both industries to develop new business models around that concept of using LEDs, not only for the energy efficiency innovation, but also for Li-Fi high data rate light communications for 5G and beyond. At last, he thanked his family for giving his time to develop the Li-Fi. (According to his speaking recording data)

The Award of Outstanding Achievement for Global SSL Development aims to recognize the individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions and achievements in the fields of science and technology, standardization or policy formulation of SSL development on a regional or global scale. It is the highest honor in the field of global SSL.
Launching the “Award of Outstanding Achievement for Global SSL Development” is to pay the utmost respect and recognition to these outstanding contributors, and also to inspire more and more individuals and groups to devote to this great cause, to move forward the history with their knowledge and innovation, to create more exciting results, to make contributions to human beings and to benefit all beings.


This award does not charge any sponsorship fees, and the outcome is up to the evaluation of an independent Jury Panel consists of worldwide authoritative experts.

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