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2016 ISA-India International SSL Workshops were held on Oct. 7th in New Delhi, India

The “2016 ISA-India International SSL Workshops” had been held by ISA on October 7th, 2016 in New Delhi, India, supported by ELCOMA, during the “Light India 2016” exhibition. Within these ISA workshops, the topics had been focused on the LED innovation and “Beyond Lighting”.
The presentation of “R&D and Promotion on Poultry Intelligent Special LED Lighting” had been delivered by Mr. Jinsong JIANG, the GM of Light Talk Ltd. More than 70 participates attended this workshop coming from members of ELCOMA, India Breeding Industry Association, BIS, EESL, Indian university and research institutes etc.


 Aiming for the physiological need of different animal breeds like chicken, duck and pig, the special LED lights developed by the company have been modulated with the optimal LED spectrum based on a wide range of researches on field system. Combined with the optimal illumination, uniformity and duration, they can create an excellent lighting environment for intensive livestock breeding, and capitalize on the physical process of superior LED lighting environment to improve the level of hormones in the body of livestock, significantly strengthen their physique and improve production performance. With professional thermal design, the special LED light products also take into full account the high humidity and high dust characteristics of the intensive livestock breeding environment, which can not only be waterproof and dustproof, but also significantly reduce the temperature of light body during the process of lighting and feature slower light attenuation, extend life, and save more power. In addition, through the intelligent control technology, they forms a complete set of intelligent special LED lighting system that adapt to the requirements of modern intensive livestock breeding.
The aforementioned system has been applied in more than 200 commercial chicken farms in China
The similar research on this topic had not been explored in India yet. The audiences were interested in this innovation of LED application. Some detailed questions had been raised and replied accordingly. The demonstration in India had been mentioned and the further cooperation with local poultry farm as well.

And the presentation of “Introduction of Lighting Design Expert System and its Applications” had been made by Mr. Zhigang ZHAO, VP of THDLI. Around 60 attendees joined this workshop, coming from members of ELCOMA, BIS, BEE, EESL, local university and research institutes etc.
At present, about 80% of lighting design projects is still completed by non-professional lighting designers, including architects, landscape designers and interior designers. Detailed design and lamp selection shall be completed by the Manufacturers, who are more familiar with these aspects. No manufacturer is good at all products, so the simplification of some products’ specification  will make the designers impossible to use better products by comparison.


THDLI had developed five types of expert systems for typical lighting scene, which start from the demands to sum up scenes and extracts scene parameters, carries out preliminary design for different scenes, and finally finds proper products based on preliminary design. The user can obtain several corresponding solutions only if he inputs his demands. These solutions are checked to prevent false data from making uncertain influences on results. The solution provided by this Expert System enables the user to know price/performance ratios of different products through comparison, including the final effects comparison, power comparison, cost comparison, and manufacturers’ performance capability comparison, etc. The owner can make choices according to the project investment and quality requirement. A few outstanding LED lighting designing works had been introduced and demonstrated, which impressed the audiences deeply.
After this presentation, Mr. Shyam Sujan, the secretary-general of ELCOMA, expressed his wishes that the lighting upgrading design of Taj Mahal might be cooperatively undertaken by THDLI and local lighting industry  and this should be proposed to the Indian authorities for their promotion. Also some Indian lighting companies had expressed their will of cooperation with THDLI.         
By the end of the ISA-India SSL workshops, Mr. Shyam Sujan had expressed his appreciation to ISA on behalf of ELCOMA. He wished that ISA could bring more and more LED lighting innovation and application to the India SSL society. 

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