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Accelerating depreciation test method for LED lighting products CSA020-2013

Major features and high-lights

l  6000Hours to 2000Hours. The accelerated luminous depreciation method for LED lamp/luminaire level products has been released recently as a standard-CSA020 which can reduce the lifetime test from 6000 hours to less than 2000 hours.

l  Speed up new LED products to Market. New LED products can be introduced to market much faster and make sure the customers receive latest products; also, it will help LED manufactures to be more actively involved in developing better LED products for better cash flow potentials.

l  Eliminating poor quality LEDs. In addition, the newly developed accelerated test can eliminate those products with either poor LED sources, or poor system thermal design, or poor electronics system (including driver system) that cannot sustain sufficient temperature storage period.

l  Enhance customers’ confidence on LED products. Low quality LED products have been damaging the overall images of LED technologies and products by dumping poor quality LEDs into the market with too low prices, this cannot be solved unless the standards for LEDs are developed and applied. CSA020 is the standard that helps solve this very issue and help qualified LED products be introduced to market in time and without any unnecessary delay.