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Shuji Nakamura, Jianlin Cao etc. Won Award of Outstanding Achievement for Global SSL Development

The winners of the Award of Outstanding Achievement for Global SSL Development were announced by ISA, Professor Shuji Nakamura, Professor Nick Holonyak, Jr., Professor Ching Wan Tang, Dr. Magnus George Craford, and Dr. Jianlin Cao has won this award.


On the award ceremony held in the afternoon of November 11th, the winners received this award (Professor Holonyak didn’t attend for health reasons, and delegated Dr. Craford to accept the award on his behalf) and delivered brief acceptance speech. The winners also gave keynote speeches on the latest development of their respective field, as well as the global development trend.


The Award of Outstanding Achievement for Global SSL Development aims to recognize the individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions, have made outstanding achievements in the science and technology, standardization or policy formulation of SSL development on a regional or global scale. It is the highest honor in the field of global SSL.


Professor Nakamura has pioneered several new materials growth, process techniques and device structures of the Nitride-based compound semiconductors. He succeeded in growing high-quality single-crystal InGaN films for the first time in 1992.He also succeeded in developing and commercializing of the first high-brightness blue LEDs in 1993 using these techniques. The jury believes that The LED based white light moved LEDs from signaling and display into general lighting, this breakthrough allows solid state lighting to be available to every home in the world.


Professor Holonyak is rightly credited as the father of the visible light emitting diode. His invention of the visible light (red) LED in 1962 at General Electric initiated the broad use of III-V semiconductor alloy technology, enriching lives everywhere. Along with his student Ed Rezek, Nick Holonyak developed the first quantum well semiconductor laser at the University of Illinois and also demonstrated the first room temperature CW operation of a QW diode laser(with Russ Dupuis).The jury believes that he is the “Father of visible LED”, Red only initially, but without this invention there would be no SSL.




Professor Tang discovered the basic electronic P-N junction using organic molecules. He wrote his 1987 paper describing a novel heterojunction structure in "Organic Electroluminescent Diodes" in Applied Physics Letters, which created the first OLED. Professor Tang's work led many industrial companies to make unique OLED products with superior specifications and performance compared to other technologies. The jury believes that Lighting world is watching with the excitation the emergence of OLED which is going to change the traditional way of thinking & applying lighting. Professor

Tang being father of OLED takes the credit of it coupled with winning this award.


Dr. Craford achieved the world’s FIRST YELLOW LED along with a 10x improvement in red LEDs. This technology enabled many new applications for LEDs including markets such as instrumentation and indoor signage. He further improved the performance of AllnGaP devices by developing LED wafer bonding technology which facilitated the removal of the absorbing GaAs growth substrate. He also led the Lumileds team developed the first high power LED technology. The jury believes that Dr. Craford is instrumental for developing high performance AlInGaP and InGaN emitters.




Dr. Jianlin Cao has been educating people in more than ten years about the benefits of SSL. He firmly believes that SSL is a promising green technology, which can reduce CO2 emissions and the usage of hazard materials. He has shown excellent leadership as vice minister in fostering the development and application of SSL in China. He also contributed significant promotion of the international cooperation for SSL. He initiated and led numerous bilateral government collaboration programs. The jury believes that Dr. Jianlin Cao is instrumental for SSL movement in China in terms of manufacturing as well as LED education & R&D in China.




Madam Wu Ling, President of ISA and Secretary General of CSA; Dr. Cordellia Sita, the Chief Director from Department of Science and Technology, South Africa; Mr. A.K. Jain, the Secretary General of Indian Society of Lighting Engineers; Madam XuHuai (the President of China Illuminating Engineering Society; Mr. Evgeny Dolin, General Director of LEDs and LED-based Systems Russian Manufacturer"s Nonprofit partnership released the award certificates to the winners respectively.

 The “Award of Outstanding Achievement for Global SSL Development” is paying the utmost respect and recognition to these outstanding contributors, and also to inspire more and more scientists to devote to this great cause, to move forward the history with their knowledge and innovation, to create more exciting results, to make contributions to human beings and to benefit everyone.

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