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ISA provides a member many benefits. Some of them are listed below.

(1) An opportunity to make a direct contribution to the definition of a global SRA in cooperation with other leading companies and academic players. The SRA will provide a global framework and guidance for the development of fundamental, scientific, technological and application knowledge in the fields of SSL.

(2) An extensive global network in which to cooperatively apply for and develop R&D projects; funding may be sourced from the public purse or from a public-private partnership.

(3) Opportunities to participate in global SSL showcase projects and to achieve publicity with global impact.

(4) First hand access to new SSL-related curricula and advanced training courses developed jointly with leading academic partners. Earlier and better access to top talent.

(5) A possibility to better match the talent supply from academic organizations with the specific industry needs.

(6) A dialogue and information sharing platform for the latest development of regional and international standards, specifications and regulations.

(7) An excellent opportunity to meet with leading academic institutions and large companies, and to develop strategic partnership with them, for business development or joint R&D.

(8) Access to the most up-to-date information and databases with the privilege of reduced registration fees for ISA's publications, workshops, conferences and training programs.