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Unlike conventional light source, SSL technologies and applications require a thorough collaboration across many subjects such as physics, material, semiconductor, mechanical engineering, optical engineering, packaging, power electronics, computer engineering, communication etc. To ensure a fast and sustainable development of SSL, a symphony is necessary among the many subjects, since a breakthrough probably needs synchronized progress in several domains. ISA deviseds the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) by a concerted action of experts from academia, industry and public authorities across the world. It requires an understanding of global value chain and a forward-looking of technical goals and market. The SRA guides global SSL technology and application developments and provide a 2020 vision to academia, industry and policy makers.

The Global SSL Outlook 1 published by ISA is the first comprehensive outlook on global SSL industry. ISA will continue gathering the latest information and most insight analysis on all the issues of SSL, and publish GSO2, GSO3 etc. to summarize and update the achievements made and explore the sustainable way forward.

  • Strategic Research Agenda
  • Global SSL Outlook


Should you be knowing just a little, or only certain aspects of the global SSL industry and policy development, should you be in urgent need of a comprehensive understanding of the overall picture either for investment-driven or policy-making oriented endeavors, this Global Solid State Lighting Outlook 1(GSO1) will satisfy part or all of your needs.

Many market and technological reports on SSL markets and related topics are available, but the most panoramic, objective, authoritative and reliable analysis of the current status and future trends for global SSL developments remains yet to be established, which is the rationale of the GSO1 is based upon.