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1. What are ISA major activities?+show
ISA's activities focus on global SSL industrial roadmap and research agenda, global SSL showcases, SSL ecosystem development, standardization dialogue and cooperation and information sharing.
2. What is the nature of ISA?+show
ISA is a not-for-profit NGO. It is an international alliance of regional alliances and associations, renowned universities and institutions and leading companies in the SSL field. It is an independent legal entity which aims to enhance public-private partnership and intensify global cooperation to accelerate and foster the sustainable development of SSL.
3. What is the motivation of ISA?+show
Lighting is the essential pre-condition for the existence of nearly all living lives on earth. SSL has unlimited innovation potentials to enhance people`s life and to create a green & sustainable society. It is becoming a strategic industry and the technology of choice for both conventional and emerging lighting applications, with huge industrial, economic, scientific and social impact. SSL is a global opportunity, has global challenges and needs global effort. Together with several partners, we decided to jointly set up ISA with the objective to serve the global SSL industry, associated academia, and the society at large.